We're Live

And It's Fantastic!

Click on any of the links in the banner above to start learning more about the Fantasdeck project. Its (my) goal is to get every person on Earth multilingual as efficiently as possible, and without the need for the classroom environment.

What? No classes?

Yep. Soon enough, nearly everyone on Earth is going to have access to most of the information and tools that they will need to educate themselves. And, as we develop the skills for self-teaching, brick-and-mortar schooling will become obsolete. It's this prediction which drives my foreign-language-learning project.

And who are you, exactly?

I'm a man who knows how and where the private language instruction industry and public schooling fails in language instruction. My disgust over their track record and business ethics led me to work toward making something efficient, affordable, and even fun (for instance, you'll learn some modern slang, common idioms, and puns). And by affordable, I mean free. This is my charity to the world, and while I appreciate donations, like any charity does, I'm cool with anyone using and modifying my works for non-commercial use.

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