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Now I've Gone and Done It!

I've built an app for myself. Well, it's not just for myself. It's for anyone who wants to learn any of these languages:
  • English, German, French,
    Spanish, Portuguese, Russian,
    Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, or Japanese.

Wait. How do you know ten languages?

I don't speak all ten languages. I'm only fluent in three of them (English, Spanish, and Mandarin). However, unlike Fantasdecks, I don't manually translate every card. Instead, I estimate how reliable machine translations are, and then I edit the results where I can. That means that, over time, as I learn the other seven languages, I'll better estimate their accuracy, and filter the bad ones out.

In other words, I take a lot of sentences, I stuff them in a wood chipper, and then I only keep the pretty pieces that come out the other side. Everything else just follows the three 'S's.

How does it work?

I'm glad you asked! Honestly, PollyGot is pretty simple. You start at 0% proficiency, and you work your way to 100%. A score of 95% on each translation allows you to continue. More frequent success accelerates your progress. More incorrect answers forces you to review more. That's it. Maybe I'll add some fun graphics to make it more entertaining.

Great! So this will make me fluent in thirty days, right?

Nothing will make you fluent in thirty days, and anyone who sells that lie should be shot by a firing squad. However, you will acquire each language's syntax, phonology, and orthographies as you work through these modules.

Also, unlike everything else in the electronic language-learning market, my database contains the whole range of language. So I can say with confidence that this is the only app that will teach you both, "I come from California," and, "Here comes the milk truck!" in ten different languages. My only rule is that sentences be sentences. The rest is left to math and accuracy.

There is also one other major difference. You can choose to practice your next language in all of the languages that you know. That not only reinforces your native language skills. It trains you to connect all of your languages together.

That all sounds good. So, where can I download PollyGot?

If you use Windows, you can download it here.

If you use an Android phone, you'll have to wait a few weeks.

If you use an Apple product, you should make better life decisions.

Shut up and take my money!

"I'm an artist, goddammit!"
Well, PollyGot is free to use, but if you want to give me money, support me on Patreon.

Money isn't my main objective (but seriously, give me money!). My greater hope is that you all have fun with this app. Languages are my passion. They belong to everyone.

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