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Enjoying the Brain Buffet?

If you are, perhaps you would consider donating to the Fantasdeck project. This work is largely a labor of love, as I develop many of these decks for my own education, as well. My greatest passion, however, would be to be able to do this and only this work full-time. Right now, that simply is not possible. Mind you, it's not like I'm eating caviar in a Cadillac. I lead a life of rather modest means. That's why every donation, even just a dollar or two, can make such a difference.

If, however, you can't (or don't particularly want) to donate right now, that's okay. You could help me in one other way. Only a handful of people are aware of what I'm doing, and marketing products isn't my strong suit. So, instead of money, spreading the word about what I'm doing here would also help me greatly.

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